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Tease your partner with the new SKORE Lubes which now comes in 4 exciting flavours. Specifically aim at enhancing your foreplay sessions, SKORE Lubes promises to drive you and your partner wild with pleasure.



Slip easily in and out of places with SKORE Lubes. Splash a few drops and spice up your sex life like never before

  • 01. Why should I use Lubes?
    Let us be honest. When it comes to sex, wetter is better. SKORE Lubes allows you to spice up your sex life by helping you navigate tight spaces easily. We especially recommend using them for your foreplay sessions, often an ignored part of your time in the sheets. Trying difficult positions, experiencing different sensations like cool and warm or even experimenting with flavours, SKORE Lubes make sure that you have a great time, every time.
  • 02. Are Lubes safe to use with condoms?
    Not only can SKORE Lubes be used with condoms, we highly recommend it. They are the perfect combination like Batman and Robin. Or if you are not into superheroes, think chai and biscuits. Our water based lubes are best experienced with the wide range of SKORE Condoms. A few drops of lubes onto the condoms work like magic and make sure that sex is more pleasurable for both partners.
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  • Lubes Chocolate

    Lubes Chocolate

    Soak in a few drops of Chocolate lube on to the skin and ascend the heights of the desire mountain. Sinfully delightful and tastily delectable chocolate flavored lubes.

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  • Lubes Ylang Ylang

    Lubes Ylang Ylang

    Let a few drops loose on your skin and tighten the seat- belts, on your pleasure trip. The heady flavor and invigorating fragrance of Ylang Ylang takes you to unexplored levels of two- player game

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  • Lubes Strawberry

    Lubes Strawberry

    Give your love another dimension with the silky-smooth flavour of strawberry. Splash a few drops onto the body to experience the temptation of strawberry flavour.

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  • Lubes Cherry

    Lubes Cherry

    Set the sheets aflame with your passion as you surrender to the heady flavour of cherries. Dribble a few drops of SKORE cherry flavoured Lube.

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  • Lubes Cool

    Lubes Cool

    Chillout with SKORE Lube Cooling as the action heats up. Splash a few drops onto the body and enjoy the cooling sensitivity. A moisturiser intended for all over body application. SKORE Lubes moisturises and eases dryness.

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  • Lubes Warm

    Lubes Warm

    Skore warming. Here’s more fuel to the stoke the flame of passion higher. Splash a few drops onto the body and enjoy the intense warming sensitivity.

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