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Tease your partner with the new SKORE Lubes which now comes in 4 exciting flavours. Specifically aim at enhancing your foreplay sessions, SKORE Lubes promises to drive you and your partner wild with pleasure.


Slip easily in and out of places with SKORE Lubes. Splash a few drops and spice up your sex life like never before

  • 01. Why should I use Lubes?
    Let us be honest. When it comes to sex, wetter is better. SKORE Lubes allows you to spice up your sex life by helping you navigate tight spaces easily. We especially recommend using them for your foreplay sessions, often an ignored part of your time in the sheets. Trying difficult positions, experiencing different sensations like cool and warm or even experimenting with flavours, SKORE Lubes make sure that you have a great time, every time.
  • 02. Are Lubes safe to use with condoms?
    Not only can SKORE Lubes be used with condoms, we highly recommend it. They are the perfect combination like Batman and Robin. Or if you are not into superheroes, think chai and biscuits. Our water based lubes are best experienced with the wide range of SKORE Condoms. A few drops of lubes onto the condoms work like magic and make sure that sex is more pleasurable for both partners.
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  • Vybes, Not out condoms and chocolate lube combo

    Vybes, Not out condoms and chocolate lube combo
    Special Price ₹1,691.50 Regular Price ₹1,995.00

    Set those sheets on fire with Vybes vibrating ring, most favourite condoms and chocolate lube

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  • Vybes and charming chocolate combo

    Vybes and charming chocolate combo
    Special Price ₹1,615.00 Regular Price ₹1,900.00

    Set those sheets on fire with Vybes vibrating ring, India's thinnest flavoured condoms and chocolate lube

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  • Nothing chocolate condom and chocolate lube combo

    Nothing chocolate condom and chocolate lube combo
    Special Price ₹382.50 Regular Price ₹450.00

    Nothing chocolate condom+ chocolate lube

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  • Sizzling Sensations

    Sizzling Sensations
    Special Price ₹2,635.00 Regular Price ₹3,100.00

    The perfect combo with ultimate vibrating ring along with two sensation lubes

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  • Lubes Ylang Ylang

    Lubes Ylang Ylang
    Special Price ₹270.00 Regular Price ₹300.00

    Let a few drops loose on your skin and tighten the seat- belts, on your pleasure trip. The heady flavor and invigorating fragrance of Ylang Ylang takes you to unexplored levels of two- player game

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  • Lubes Chocolate

    Lubes Chocolate
    Special Price ₹270.00 Regular Price ₹300.00

    Soak in a few drops of Chocolate lube on to the skin and ascend the heights of the desire mountain. Sinfully delightful and tastily delectable chocolate flavored lubes.

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  • Lubes Strawberry

    Lubes Strawberry
    Special Price ₹270.00 Regular Price ₹300.00

    Give your love another dimension with the silky-smooth flavour of strawberry. Splash a few drops onto the body to experience the temptation of strawberry flavour.

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  • Lubes Cherry

    Lubes Cherry
    Special Price ₹270.00 Regular Price ₹300.00

    Set the sheets aflame with your passion as you surrender to the heady flavour of cherries. Dribble a few drops of SKORE cherry flavoured Lube.

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  • Lubes Cool

    Lubes Cool
    Special Price ₹270.00 Regular Price ₹300.00

    Chillout with SKORE Lube Cooling as the action heats up. Splash a few drops onto the body and enjoy the cooling sensitivity. A moisturiser intended for all over body application. SKORE Lubes moisturises and eases dryness.

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  • Lubes Warm

    Lubes Warm
    Special Price ₹270.00 Regular Price ₹300.00

    Skore warming. Here’s more fuel to the stoke the flame of passion higher. Splash a few drops onto the body and enjoy the intense warming sensitivity.

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Tease your partner with the new SKORE Lubes which now comes in 4 exciting flavours. Specifically aim at enhancing your foreplay sessions, SKORE Lubes promises to drive you and your partner wild with pleasure.

Buy Skore Sexual Lubricants Online

What is Personal Lubricant?

A personal sex lubricant gel can be applied to the penis or to sex toys during the intercourse. It reduces the friction between and facilitates for an easy penetration. Most personal lubricants are water based with balanced concentrations of hydrophilic or cellulose ingredients. Because of being water-based, Personal Lubricants are easily absorbed by the skin.

Reasons to Use Sexual Lubricant Gel

Using a sexual lubricant gel enhances sexual pleasure. Sexual lubricants can come in different flavors, where each flavor provides a specific type of sensation. There are even warming lubes, cooling lubes which does an awesome job to add up the stimulations and thereby helping partners to intensify the sensations during the sexual act. Also, It has been found that lubricants can help control premature ejaculation that is often the reason for short sexual intercourse sessions. Using a lubricant gel for women helps penetrate the vagina even if the vagina is dry due to hormonal changes and menstrual cycles.

How to Use Lubricants Effectively?

A personal lube shouldn’t be applied directly to the penis. Rather, a small amount should be squeezed onto the palm. It should be warmed by rubbing it, and then applied. After application, if you are still using a condom, stroke slowly. There is a chance that the condom will come off.

They can also be applied in the vagina. There would be several reasons such as age, medication, menopause that restricts the vagina to produce sufficient lubrication during intercourse. It’s always useful to make sure that partners use the best lubricant for menopause dryness into the vagina, or over the condom if necessary, depending on the situation.

Benefits of Sexual Lubes

A personal lubricant can increase penetration. This aspect is often understated or underestimated. If applied on the penis and the vagina, a lubricant can easily produce penetration with minimal effort from the two people. There is a misconception that a personal lubricant may only be used by women in their post-menopausal period. This is because during this period, there is no natural lubrication produced in the vagina. But a personal lubricant can be used at any stage.

Another key benefit of using a personal lubricant is that it reduces the friction of the condom and prevents it from tearing. Click here to check out the best lubricants for men.

Buy Best Sexual Lubes Online

Visit Skore online store to buy the best sexual intercourse lubricants. Buy lubes online that are safe and of the best quality. Use them to enhance the experience and enjoy it for a longer period. Experience all the benefits of using a lube and practice safe and great sex.

Types of Lubes:

  • Lubes Cool – Only a few drops of this water based lubrication gel is required for an immense cooling effect that lasts throughout.
  • Lubes Warm – Take the passion to higher levels. Ignite the desire and let it burn through.
  • Lubes Cherry – Surrender to passion and let go of all inhibitions.
  • Lubes Strawberry – Silken and smoothen every movement.
  • Lubes Chocolate – Get a taste of penultimate pleasure with these lubricants for males.

Lubes Ylang Ylang – The fragrance of this lube is enough to get into the mood and stay in it. 

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#GetNaughtier with Lubes! A comprehensive guide to selecting the best lubes!

Intimacy in the bedroom necessitates a delicate mix of love and acceptance. This is where some of the lubricants help in enhancing the act of sex. Lubes not only help enhance the entire act of foreplay and intercourse but also lessen pain caused by friction from painful rubbing. However, getting the best sex lubricants is crucial in ensuring that both you and your partner are satisfied. Before purchasing a lubricant, it is critical to understand what are the best lubricants in the market today and what benefits they can provide.

How To Choose The Best Lube

Sex and sexual health are such an important part of human existence. Too many people lead busy lives and they forget to take some time to have fun. Having good sex is also about having well-lubricated sex. It is about taking care of yourself while having fun. Sexual lubricants are a great choice for couples and should be used generously during foreplay and every time penetrative sex happens.

Personal Lubricants – The complete information about Lubes

The importance of personal lubricants in modern sexual times cannot be denied. When a woman gets aroused, the vagina works by self-lubricating itself normally, which helps in making the overall experience enjoyable for all. There could be various reasons why self-lubrication does not happen at all, or to a very small extent. This is generally nothing to be stressed about. But in these cases, personal lubricants help in a variety of ways.

How Lubes Can Make Your Sex Life Steamier and Sexier

When you hear about lubes, you might often think of them as something that only teenagers or older couples.

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