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Skore Vibrating Rings

Spice up your sex life with the new SKORE Vibrating Rings. Available in 3 variants - SHIVER, VYBES and BUZZZ, the vibrating rings will ensure that you are your partner are left quivering with pleasure

SKORE Skore Vibrating Rings

  • 01. What is a vibrating ring?
    A vibrating ring is a product designed to give thrilling pleasure to both you and your partner. It helps enhance the erection, making it stronger and longer lasting by restricting the blood flow. Additionally, the vibrations help in providing pleasure to your partner.
  • 02. Can I use it with a condom?
    You can use a Vibrating Ring with or without a condom. But if you do use it with a condom, you must put on the condom first before putting on the ring.
  • 03. What’s in it for her?
    A vibrating ring provides clitoral stimulation to her giving exhilarating sensations. Position it in a way that both of you can make the most of it.
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  • Vybes, Not out condoms and chocolate lube combo

    Vybes, Not out condoms and chocolate lube combo
    Special Price ₹1,596.00 Regular Price ₹1,995.00

    Set those sheets on fire with Vybes vibrating ring, most favourite condoms and chocolate lube

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  • Vybes and charming chocolate combo

    Vybes and charming chocolate combo
    Special Price ₹1,520.00 Regular Price ₹1,900.00

    Set those sheets on fire with Vybes vibrating ring, India's thinnest flavoured condoms and chocolate lube

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  • Vybes and Pheromone Activating Spray combo

    Vybes and Pheromone Activating Spray combo
    Special Price ₹1,520.00 Regular Price ₹1,900.00

    The perfect combination for your steamy night of pheromone activating spray and Vybes vibrating ring

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  • Skore Vybes

    Skore Vybes
    Special Price ₹1,280.00 Regular Price ₹1,600.00

    Surrender to wild and exciting erotic stimulation as SKORE VYBES brings a new feel to your lovemaking. Power it on and choose from 7 different vibration modes to experiment with. It is easy to wear, turn on and off and its rechargeable Lithium ion battery coupled with a USB cable can now get you vibes of pleasure as many times as you want.

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4 Items

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Spice up your sex life with the new SKORE Vibrating Rings. Available in 3 variants - SHIVER, VYBES and BUZZZ, the vibrating rings will ensure that you are your partner are left quivering with pleasure

Vibrating Rings for Men

A vibrating ring, also called as a penis vibrator or a cock ring, is designed to enhance sexual pleasure during intercourse. Fitting around the base of the penis, it provides stimulations. The stimulations arouse the wearer and more blood flows into the penis, helping it to remain erect throughout the sexual act. Moreover, men who like oral sex, can use this ring to complement their sensations. 

Vibrating Penis Rings for Fun and Mutual Satisfaction

Being a stretch ring, it fits all penis sizes. The penis vibrator can be used with or without condoms. It can be used along with lubricants too. Being waterproof, it can also be used in the bathtub or shower when making love. A simple on and off button switches the vibrator on or off. Vibrating penis rings improve the quality of the sex life of couples. 

Tips to Use Vibrating Rings Safely

Read the manufacturer’s instructions carefully. Do not use vibrating rings for more than the prescribed time limit. Vibrating rings are one of the safest sex toys. They do not tear skin or damage the condom. But for best results, moderate use is suggested. 

A cock ring should never hurt the person wearing it. If the cock ring hurts, remove it right away. If the penis becomes numb or cold, then stop using the cock rings immediately. Try adjusting the cock ring to perfectly fit the penis. 

Benefits of a Vibrating Cock Ring for Men

A penis vibrator or vibrating cock ring stimulates blood supply to the penis. The blood flow supply is constant because of the vibration. The penis remains erect without much effort from the man or woman. The vibrations can also cause the scrotum to be stimulated, further enhancing pleasure and creating the mood. Not only does it help the man, but it also helps the woman too. The vibration stimulates the clitoris of the woman, and triggers orgasms from her. 

Why Skore Vibrating Ring?

Skore vibrating rings enhance the sensations of the wearer. The wearer is able to maintain an erection using the vibrating ring. The vibrating ring is easy, safe, and comfortable to use. During intercourse, the vibration produced can stimulate the production of lubrication in the vagina. Using personal lubricants from Skore also excites the vaginal walls and produces multiple orgasms. 

Buy Best Vibrating Ring Online 

Shop at Skore online store to buy the best vibrating pleasure ring. These penis stimulators are safe to use and are tested and verified for long lasting uses. 

Types of Vibrating Rings:

  • Shiver – Go up to an hour with erotica and role play with this pleasure ring for men. Be selfless yet get it all only for you.
  • Vybes – Different types of vibrations; about 7 of them to choose from. 
  • Buzz – A remote controlled penis vibrator that has various modes for various passionate moods. 


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