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Vibrating Ring

Spice up your sex life with the new SKORE Vibrating Rings. Available in 3 variants - SHIVER, VYBES and BUZZZ, the vibrating rings will ensure that you are your partner are left quivering with pleasure


SKORE Vibrating Ring

  • 01. What is a vibrating ring?
    A vibrating ring is a product designed to give thrilling pleasure to both you and your partner. It helps enhance the erection, making it stronger and longer lasting by restricting the blood flow. Additionally, the vibrations help in providing pleasure to your partner.
  • 02. Can I use it with a condom?
    You can use a Vibrating Ring with or without a condom. But if you do use it with a condom, you must put on the condom first before putting on the ring.
  • 03. What’s in it for her?
    A vibrating ring provides clitoral stimulation to her giving exhilarating sensations. Position it in a way that both of you can make the most of it.
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  • Shiver


    Go wild with 60 minutes of exquisite and erotic stimulation as SKORE SHIVER leaves you breathless with intensely erotic sensations. Its unique tail piece is specially designed to make contact with your partner’s erogenous zone, taking lovemaking to a whole new level. SKORE SHIVER is easy to wear and great to experiment with.

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  • Vybes


    Surrender to wild and exciting erotic stimulation as SKORE VYBES brings a new feel to your lovemaking. Power it on and choose from 7 different vibration modes to experiment with. It is easy to wear, turn on and off and its rechargeable Lithium ion battery coupled with a USB cable can now get you vibes of pleasure as many times as you want.

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  • Buzz


    Explore the limits of pleasure with India’s first remote controlled vibrating ring, SKORE BUZZ. With 8 different vibration modes, go on an epic and mind-blowing journey of pure ecstasy. Made with premium, water resistant, body safe silicon and ABS material, SKORE BUZZ comes with multiple mood lights for the various modes. The rechargeable, waterproof SKORE BUZZ ensures you get those waves of pleasure, wherever and whenever you want. 

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