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Spice it up

New ways to be Naughty

The What and The How of Vibrating Rings

Although sex has the power to spice things up in your life, sometimes a little extra help goes a long way. This is where sex toys come into play. And one such favourite toy of ours is the vibrating toy.

#GetNaughtier with Lubes! A comprehensive guide to selecting the best lubes!

Intimacy in the bedroom necessitates a delicate mix of love and acceptance. This is where some of the lubricants help in enhancing the act of sex. Lubes not only help enhance the entire act of foreplay and intercourse but also lessen pain caused by friction from painful rubbing. However, getting the best sex lubricants is crucial in ensuring that both you and your partner are satisfied. Before purchasing a lubricant, it is critical to understand what are the best lubricants in the market today and what benefits they can provide.

How To Choose The Best Lube

Sex and sexual health are such an important part of human existence. Too many people lead busy lives and they forget to take some time to have fun. Having good sex is also about having well-lubricated sex. It is about taking care of yourself while having fun. Sexual lubricants are a great choice for couples and should be used generously during foreplay and every time penetrative sex happens.

Busting myths about vibrating rings

When someone says ‘cock rings’ in bed what do you picture? A version of kinky jewellery? Or your penis’ version of The Conjuring? Please let your fears know that there’s nothing to feed on this buffet. Cock rings A.K.A vibrating rings are possibly the safest pleasure things you could wear on your penis during sex.

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