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Skore Climax Delay Condom

No matter what your sexual fantasies are, no man prefers to finish early. Skore extra time condoms have been specially designed for couples who like to enjoy prolonged intimacy by delaying ejaculation. Try our extra dotted long lasting condoms when you want to enjoy a mutual climax.

SKORE Skore Climax Delay Condom

  • 01. Are condoms effective against HIV and other sexually transmitted infections (STIs)?
    Condoms provide protection against HIV and other STIs. In fact, it is the only contraceptive method that provides STI protection. Imagine Superman, but without the Kryptonite. That’s how you feel while using a condom.
  • 02. How are condoms tested?
    From electronic testing, the water leak test, air burst test and strength test, condoms undergo a range of tests. These are conducted by dedicated regulatory agencies as well as condom manufacturers so that you can go about skoring without any worries.
  • 03. Are condoms fragile or delicate?
    No. In fact, thousands of videos online will tell you we are not kidding. To make sure that they are strong, durable and stay intact, condoms go through rigorous testing of quality at each and every step of the manufacturing process. Therefore, unfortunately, you can never use this as an excuse for not using protection. All you need to do is make sure that you keep your condoms in a cool, dry place and not in your wallet for long periods of time.
  • 04. Can I reuse a condom?
    No. Also, eww. Every time you have intercourse, use a new condom. Does not hurt to experiment with different types either.
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  • Not Out Condoms 1 pack (10pcs)

    Not Out Condoms 1 pack (10pcs)
    MRP (incl of taxes)

    Make the fun and games last in bed with SKORE Not out Condoms. Its specially formulated Lubricant delays climax for men and keeps you going on and on. Want more? You have over 1500 dots that make every moment special for her. So keep scoring and play the game not out.

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  • Champion Combo 3 packs(30 pcs)

    Champion Combo 3 packs(30 pcs)
    MRP (incl of taxes)
    Special Price ₹360.00 Regular Price ₹450.00

    Zig Zag, Skin thin & Time less Combo

    Now score fast, smooth and easy just like a champion with Skore’s Champion series. Try a champion move every time you turn off the lights and turn on the passion with the Skore Champion Combo. The Zig Zag, Skin Thin and Timeless range of condoms lets you rack up the score like never before

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  • SKORE ADVENTURE PACK 8 packs(80 pcs)

    SKORE ADVENTURE PACK 8 packs(80 pcs)
    MRP (incl of taxes)
    Special Price ₹558.00 Regular Price ₹745.00

    Not out, Chocolate, Strawberry, shades, orange, banana, dots, blues

    Explore and discover a whole world of adventurous pleasure right from within your bedroom. The adventure pack from skore lets you scale the heights of passion and dive into the depths of ecstasy. 

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  • Duo Max Condoms 1 pack (10pcs)

    Duo Max Condoms 1 pack (10pcs)
    MRP (incl of taxes)
    Special Price ₹225.00 Regular Price ₹300.00

    Presenting Duo Max from Skore with climax delay lube for him and dotted & ribbed texture for her. Giving him more time. And taking her less time. For the two of you to experience an all-new sensory explosion together. And what's more, it comes with a convenient disposal pouch that makes it easy-to-use as well as easy-to-throw.

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  • Timeless Condoms 1 pack (10pcs)

    Timeless Condoms 1 pack (10pcs)
    MRP (incl of taxes)

    Keep up the score in bed like a true champ, with SKORE Condoms Advanced Range. Its specially formulated lubricant helps you delay your climax, combined with its unique ZigZag pattern of Ribs and Dots that lets you drive your partner wild.

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No matter what your sexual fantasies are, no man prefers to finish early. Skore extra time condoms have been specially designed for couples who like to enjoy prolonged intimacy by delaying ejaculation. Try our extra dotted long lasting condoms when you want to enjoy a mutual climax.

What are Long Lasting condoms?

Long lasting condoms are specifically designed for a delayed climax. These condoms come with special delay ejaculation lubricant such as benzocaine that helps you last longer while providing the same protection level as a regular condom. Explore the whole new world of mischief and make your erotic fantasies come true with Skore long last condoms.

Why use Long Lasting condoms?

Extra dotted long lasting condoms are the perfect choice when you want to enjoy long lasting sex that is safe and fun. Both the partners are benefited from extra time condoms. The male partner can delay the ejaculation and perform better while the female partner can experience extreme sexual pleasures.

Choose Best Long Lasting Condom Brand-Skore

Skore long lasting condoms are among the most used and trusted brands of condoms in India. The top-quality latex of Skore condoms decreases the chances of any skin irritation. Not only does it help you last longer in bed, but it also has a dotted and ribbed texture for extra pleasure. Every piece is carefully tested for performance, reliability and flexibility.

Manufactured by TTK Protective Devices Division, Skore extra time condoms are available in a various exciting flavours, textures, colours and designs. You can choose from any of our long last condoms according to your preference:-

1. Timeless

With this condom, two of you can experience an erotic sensory explosion together. Its specially formulated performance-boosting lubricant delays your climax and the patented zigzag pattern increases friction, creating unique clitoral sensations. It will help you to enjoy a mutual climax and ensure a timeless sexual experience like never before.

2. Duo Max

This condom is specifically designed to maximize the pleasure for both partners. It has a dotted and ribbed texture and comes with climax delay lube. The lube prolongs the sexual activity and delays the climax for him. The strategically positioned extra dotted and ribbed patterns work wonders during lovemaking by increasing the clitoral stimulation and speeding up her orgasm.

3. Not Out

Make the fun last in bed with Skore Not Out condoms. Drenched with a special lube, this condom significantly delays the climax and enables you to enjoy the realms of ecstasy for a longer time. With more than 1500 dots, this condom can give your partner ultimate sensual pleasure and drive her wild.

4. Champion Combo

There is no need to worry about your performance when you have Skore champion combo pack. Buy this sexpiring combo pack when once is not enough! The pack comprises the Timeless, Zigzag and Skin Thin range of condoms so that you can try a champion move every time you indulge in the game of love.

5. Skore Adventure Pack

Discover a new world of adventurous pleasure within your bedroom with Skore Adventure Pack that comprises a mix of colours, flavours, dots and climax delay condoms. Who knows, you may even end up experimenting with something new and exciting!

Make your Special Moments Last Longer

Early ejaculation in men is quite common and is not something to be ashamed of. Your performance can be enhanced by using the right condom. Millions trust Skore and it meets the global condom standards, giving you the safety, confidence, fun and variety you desire. Buy Skore extra time condoms to keep up the score in bed like a champion.

Elevate pleasure with utmost protection with long lasting Skore condoms and be surprised to find lovemaking getting longer and more intense!

Climax Delay FAQ's

1. Which condoms are best for lasting longer?

Lasting longer in bed can be pleasurable for everyone. To make sure you do, choose from Skore’s variants. Timeless is one of the options you have which helps you last longer during the sexual act and make lovemaking more joyful.

2. How long do delayed condoms take to work?

Delayed condoms from Skore are designed with the ability to work as soon as you wear one. This means they start their action as soon as you are ready. They cause a delayed climax and make the sexual act lasts longer.

3. Do delay condoms have side effects?

Climax delay condoms at Skore have been designed and manufactured under stringent safety standards that make them have no side effects. As long as you take care to wear them correctly, you can be assured there will be no problems at all. In case you face any irritation or other problems, kindly contact your doctor.

4. Do delayed condoms make you last longer?

Delayed condoms will not let you finish early. Skore has delayed condoms available online and you can buy them with ease. They will make you last longer in bed and make the sexual act more pleasurable for everyone.

5. Are long-lasting condoms safe?

Yes, of course. Long-lasting condoms are absolutely safe to use as long as you use them correctly. They are designed to make sexual acts more pleasurable for everyone concerned. You can use them without any problems.

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