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Hold that Climax Naughty longer

5 Exercises For Men to Boost their Sexual Stamina

Take your sexual performance to the next level and hone your physique with these exercises!

12 Surprising Statistics about Sex Around the World

Some of the most interesting facts about sex from around the world. How many of these do you know?

6 Ways for Men to Last Longer in Bed

Worried about premature ejaculation? Follow these handy tips to climax longer than usual!

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OH! Pleasure Gel

With a special formula to increase sensitivity of her intimate areas, SKORE OH! Is designed to intensify a Woman’s climax. Now you can experience 15 Big Ohs in a bottle.

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Not Out

Make the fun and games last in bed with SKORE Not out Condoms. Its specially formulated Lubricant delays climax for men and keeps you going on and on. Want more? You have over 1500 dots that make every moment special for her. So keep scoring and play the game not out.

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Keep up the score in bed like a true champ, with SKORE Condoms Advanced Range. Its specially formulated lubricant helps you delay your climax, combined with its unique ZigZag pattern of Ribs and Dots that lets you drive your partner wild.