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Manufactured by TTK Protective Devices Division, one of the largest condom manufacturers in the Asia-Pacific region, SKORE condoms are perfectly designed for your ultimate pleasure. With a wide variety of flavoured, textured, coloured and specially designed condoms, you can now always be prepared for any skoring opportunity.


SKORE Condoms

Staying safe was never this exciting. With our range of condoms, there is a lot to be won. Go out and SKORE

  • 01. Are condoms effective against HIV and other sexually transmitted infections (STIs)?
    Condoms provide protection against HIV and other STIs. In fact, it is the only contraceptive method that provides STI protection. Imagine Superman, but without the Kryptonite. That’s how you feel while using a condom.
  • 02. How are condoms tested?
    From electronic testing, the water leak test, air burst test and strength test, condoms undergo a range of tests. These are conducted by dedicated regulatory agencies as well as condom manufacturers so that you can go about skoring without any worries.
  • 03. Are condoms fragile or delicate?
    No. In fact, thousands of videos online will tell you we are not kidding. To make sure that they are strong, durable and stay intact, condoms go through rigorous testing of quality at each and every step of the manufacturing process. Therefore, unfortunately, you can never use this as an excuse for not using protection. All you need to do is make sure that you keep your condoms in a cool, dry place and not in your wallet for long periods of time.
  • 04. Can I reuse a condom?
    No. Also, eww. Every time you have intercourse, use a new condom. Does not hurt to experiment with different types either.
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  • Duo Max

    Duo Max

    Presenting Duo Max from Skore with climax delay lube for him and dotted & ribbed texture for her. Giving him more time. And taking her less time. For the two of you to experience an all-new sensory explosion together. And what's more, it comes with a convenient disposal pouch that makes it easy-to-use as well as easy-to-throw.

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  • Belgian Chocolate

    Belgian Chocolate

    Kindle the flames of passion in sensuous mix of rich and smooth premium Belgian chocolate. And as you lose yourself into the mists of desire, its unique warming properties and over 1500 raised dots take you further into mind-bending planes of pleasure.

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  • Skin Thin

    Skin Thin

    Play the game of passion with the finesse of a true champion, with SKORE Condoms Advanced Range. Skin Thin, the thinnest condom in its class, let’s nothing come in between you and your lover. What’s more! It comes with a special and easy-to-use disposal pouch.

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  • Timeless


    Keep up the score in bed like a true champ, with SKORE Condoms Advanced Range. Its specially formulated lubricant helps you delay your climax, combined with its unique ZigZag pattern of Ribs and Dots that lets you drive your partner wild.

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  • Zig Zag

    Zig Zag

    Be a true champion of the game of passion, with SKORE Condoms Advanced Range. The SKORE ZigZag Condom with its unique ribbed and dotted texture, in a patented ZigZag pattern, enhances your pleasure and also heightens your lover’s sensory experience.

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  • Cool Watermelon

    Cool Watermelon

    Scoring is now juicy, tasty and cooling. Chill out with Skore Cool, watermelon flavoured condoms. Its unique special cooling lubricant, mixed with the juicy flavour of watermelon gives a fresh and cool makeover to your lovemaking.

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  • Orange


    A great new way to score in bed is here- SKORE Condoms. Its Juicy Orange flavour and colour add a cool touch to your lovemaking. While dotted texture enhances your pleasure.

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  • Pinacolada


    Give in to the exotic with SKORE Pina Colada. The delicious Pineapple & Coconut flavor is topped with dotted texture and sexy colour to make scoring more delightful than ever before.

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  • Dots


    Women love dots. And that's why the best way to please her is with a condom that's dotted. Try SKORE Dots to drive her wild with pleasure and make your romps even more 'sexciting'.

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  • Banana


    Score as you play the game of love with SKORE Condoms. Your lovemaking becomes more special with its fruity Banana flavour. To add to your pleasure you have dotted texture and cool colours.

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  • Cherry


    It’s time to surrender to Cherry that seduces with its delicious flavour. Dotted texture and sensual colour make it even more tempting. And a yummy way to score.

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  • Chocolate


    Score as you play the game of love with SKORE Condoms. The delicious chocolate flavour and colour seduce and enhance the excitemant. And its dotted texture brings greater sensation to your lovemaking.

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  • Strawberry


    Sweet strawberry brings new taste to your lovemaking with its flavour and colour. Dotted texture steps up your excitement like never before.

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  • Not Out

    Not Out

    Make the fun and games last in bed with SKORE Not out Condoms. Its specially formulated Lubricant delays climax for men and keeps you going on and on. Want more? You have over 1500 dots that make every moment special for her. So keep scoring and play the game not out.

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  • Shades


    Play your game of passion with SKORE Shades.Condoms that come to you in a assortment of colours. And are dotted to add greater sensation to lovemaking. So, choose your favourite colour and drive her wild with pleasure.

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  • Blues


    Step up your game of passion with SKORE Blues-trendy blue condoms. Blues add a dash of cool to your lovemaking. And bring you new levels of excitements in bed. With blues you can be sure to score many times over.

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    Not out, Chocolate, Strawberry, shades, orange, banana, dots, blues

    Explore and discover a whole world of adventurous pleasure right from within your bedroom. The adventure pack from skore lets you scale the heights of passion and dive into the depths of ecstasy. 

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    Belgian, Cherry, Pinacolada &  Watermelon

    Play the game of pleasure harder, faster and longer. Now sink into the heady taste and flavours of the Skore Fourplay range and make every single moment a special occasion.

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    Chocolate, Strawberry, Banana, Orange

    Spice up your nights and days with the Skore Fruit Basket Combo. 40 pieces of Multi Flavoured condoms that enhances the intimate moments to the pinnacle before the actual game. Experience the sinfully delectable delights of chocolate, strawberry, banana and orange.

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  • Champion Combo

    Champion Combo

    Zig Zag, Skin thin & Time less Combo

    Now score fast, smooth and easy just like a champion with Skore’s Champion series. Try a champion move every time you turn off the lights and turn on the passion with the Skore Champion Combo. The Zig Zag, Skin Thin and Timeless range of condoms lets you rack up the score like never before

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  • Duo Max Combo

    Duo Max Combo

    Duo Max x 3

    Explore an all-new sensory explosion together. Duo Max with the special dotted & ribbed texture for her and Climax Delay lube for him lets you climax together. And that’s not all now experience the dual sensory explosion not once, not twice but three times with the new Skore Duo Max Triple Combo.

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  • Skore Belgian Combo

    Skore Belgian Combo

    Belgian x 3

    Kindle the flames of passion in a sensuous mix of rich and smooth premium Belgian chocolate. As you lose yourself into the delicious and chocolaty mists of desire, its unique warming properties and over 1500 raised dots take you further.

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