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6 Different Types of Condoms and How to Use Them!


Have you ever tried picking out condoms with your partner? It's a fun experience!.

In fact, there are 6 different types of condoms out there (bet you didn’t know that)

So, it’s time to take out your notepad and start scribbling! Here we go:

1. Flavoured: Okay, you know this one. Condoms today come in all sorts of flavours and aromas that are either contained in the lubricant or coated on the material. These include orange, banana, strawberry, chocolate and even bubblegum to name a few!

2. Textured: Ribbed or dotted condoms have a unique texture that increases the sensitivity of the nether regions, often resulting in mind-blowing pleasure!

3. Warming: That’s right. We even have condoms today that can “increase the heat” during sexual intercourse, leading to warm sensations and enhanced pleasure!

4. Glowing: Talking about possibilities, this one’s a head turner - Glow in the Dark Condoms! Expose them to light for a few seconds before putting it on and voila! You’ll never miss your target in the dark again! Our smartest minds are on this and you may find this soon at a store near you.

5. Climax Delay: To all the guys who are reading this, pay attention! We now have a condom for you that can delay your climaxes! It is loaded with a special lubricant that can make you last longer in bed, helping you to SKORE more! Move to the product section on this site to start SKORing.

6. Thin: For couples who have always felt condoms to be an unnecessary intrusion, thin condoms are the answer. They offer more “closeness” than regular condoms and are absolutely safe to use.

Share this article to your partner and get a fun conversation going. Who knows, you might even end up trying something new and naughty. Go forth and SKORE.

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Warm Condoms 1 pack (10pcs)

Colored, dotted, ribbed and shaped with warming lubricant and smoky fragrance

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Dessert Premium Flavoured Condoms 1 pack (10pcs)

Why bother with the main course, when you can start with the exciting dessert first? Presenting Skore Dessert, a range of specially curated flavours that heighten your craving for sinful pleasures. Lose yourself and discover an all-new world of exciting flavours and aromas.

ITALIAN TIRAMISU Explore the rich and varied layers of exotic pleasure with the smooth and silky flavour of Italian Tiramisu.
FRENCH CUSTARD Rediscover the sweet little moments that make each movement a luscious one with the delectable French Custard.
IRISH COFFEE Turn on the heat with the heady aroma of pure creamy Irish coffee and let it keep you up all night.
BELGIAN CHOCOLATE Let your exciting days or nights melt into the rich dark chocolaty delights of Belgian Chocolate.

 Category : Flavoured, Coloured, Dotted

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Duo Max Condoms 1 pack (10pcs)

Presenting Duo Max from Skore with climax delay lube for him and dotted & ribbed texture for her. Giving him more time. And taking her less time. For the two of you to experience an all-new sensory explosion together. And what's more, it comes with a convenient disposal pouch that makes it easy-to-use as well as easy-to-throw.

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