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India loves to SKORE: Interesting Sex Facts

When it comes to sex, Indians are a rare breed! Find it hard to believe? The following interesting facts speak for themselves!

1. Surveys reveal that an average Indian has the least number of sexual partners in a lifetime - only 1!

2. The average duration for sex for Indians is only 13.2 minutes (why are we not surprised?)

3. Indians lose their virginity at an average age of 22.

4. Believe it or not, prostitution is legal in India. Running a brothel, kerb-crawling, hotel prostitution and pimping are illegal.

5. “Indian Bhabhi” is one of the most widely searched porn queries in the country!

6. Maharashtra, Karnataka and West Bengal are the leading Indian states when it comes to the sales of sex toys. Surprisingly, Gujarat jumps from position 6th to 3rd during the Navratri festival!

7. ‘Nurse’ is the most bought role play costume in India, while ‘Handcuffs’ are the most bought kinky product (and Assam being the kinkiest state)!

8. Reading these surprising statistics, it is no surprise that India is the land where Kamasutra, the pinnacle of eroticism was born.

9. India is also home to Khajuraho which is dubbed as the ‘sexiest temple in the world’. The temple sports erotic carvings that depict men, women, and even animals engaging in lovemaking, orgies, and even ‘bestiality’!

10. Indian scriptures such as Harivamsa Purana denote certain instances of incest (what they were thinking!)

11. An erotic game known as ‘Ghat Kanchuki’ was enjoyed in ancient India where the women would remove their clothes and place them in a pot. The men would then pick a clothing item and have sex with whoever it belonged to! (Again, what were they thinking?)

12. Ancient India considered nudity to be a comfort rather than a disgrace. (Maybe it had to do with the hot weather?)

13. Sex was seen as a source of divine energy and was practised as an experience to form a deep spiritual connection with your partner (a welcome side-effect of having the Kamasutra at your bedside).

14. Back then, Indians also had eight types of marriages! One of these, known as the Gandharva, preached feminism where the bride would select a groom for herself!

15. The Vindhya Hill region of Madhya Pradesh sports caves that are filled with sexual images of dancers.

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