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Skore Protective Wear

Protection is what we always do best. We now bring to you the latest essential protective gear- SKORE Masks. Specifically designed and manufactured under the strictest hygiene standards, these reusable SKORE Protective Wear Masks keep you protected and allow you to venture out confidently. With the new SKORE Masks, stay safe and not holed up.

SKORE Skore Protective Wear

  • 01. Is the mask reusable?
    SKORE Masks are reusable for up to 30 gentle hand washes.
  • 02. What are the benefits of the mask?
    SKORE Protective Wear Masks, with a 4 layer safety shield have an adjustable nose clip and elastic to make sure you stay comfortable when heading out. Providing protection against coarse particles, droplets and bacteria, these breathable masks also ensure minimal eyewear fogging.
  • 03. How frequently should the masks be washed?
    The masks should be gently handwashed after everyday use.
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