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Intimate Wipes

A clean body for a naughty mind. Presenting the latest addition to our naughty world, the all new Pre and Post-Play wipes. For cleaning down and then cleaning up for those steamy session, SKORE Intimate Wipes ensure your intimate areas stay hygienic and ready. Pre Play wipes are infused with cooling properties to help set the mood while the Post Play wipes contain aloe vera to pamper your skin. Get yours today.

SKORE Intimate Wipes

  • 01. When do we use them?
    Pre Play Wipes are to be used while you get ready for action. Post Play wipes help you leave the room fresh and clean without a trace. We cannot help with the bedsheets or any damaged furniture though.
  • 02. Are the wipes safe to use?
    SKORE Wipes are 100% safe to use and are designed to not only clean your intimate areas but also condition and moisture them.
  • 03. Do the wipes protect against germs?
    The thyme extract present in SKORE Post Play Wipes possess anti-bacterial properties. Additionally, the unique cleansing formula containing aloe vera in our Pre Play Wipes ensure that you stay hygienic and your intimate areas fresh.
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  • Pre Play Wipes

    Pre Play Wipes

    Pre-play wipes are an all-new safer way to get intimately and hygienically clean. Infused with cooling properties and triple active booster, they heighten the excitement. What’s more, the wipes also contain thyme extract, which is known for its anti-bacterial properties.

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  • Post Play Wipes

    Post Play Wipes

    Post-play wipes are an all-new, fun, safe and hygienic way clean up after setting the sheets on fire. Featuring a unique cleansing formula infused with aloe vera, these wipes not only deep clean but also conditions, moisturises and pampers the sensitive skin in your intimate areas. What's more, they also contain thyme extract, which is known for its anti- bacterial properties.

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