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The Science of Pheromones: Sniffing the Truth About Attraction!


Have you ever heard about pheromones? What are they and what significance do they hold?

Conceptually, Pheromones are defined as behavior-altering agents that are released by animals and can potentially influence the behavior of other animals.

Sounds a bit like sorcery, doesn’t it?

In essence, they are similar to hormones but act outside an animal’s body to induce activity in their mates, such as sexual arousal (and you thought it could never be that easy)!

And we can bet what you’re thinking right now...

Do They Actually Exist in Humans?

There has been a lot of debate about this over the years. Gustav Jäger (1832-1917), a German doctor and hygienist, was the first scientist to introduce the concept. He called them anthropines and said that they were lipophilic compounds that were associated with skin and marked a signature odour in every human.

Have you heard about the fact that women who spend a lot of time together tend to have their menstrual cycles synced? Researchers at the University of Chicago were once able to link this to unconscious odour cues!

There is also evidence that Androstadienone, a component of male sweat, can increase a woman’s libido, especially at the time of ovulation!

There you go, guys! Apparently, all you needed was a sweaty escapade!

Types of Pheromones

Yes, there are actually types too! There are 4 types of pheromones to be found in animals:

• Releaser pheromones: Usually linked to sexual attraction and are known to elicit an immediate response.
• Primer pheromones: They are long-acting chemicals that influence and alter stuff at the hormonal level, such as reproduction psychology and puberty.
• Signaler pheromones: They give out the genetic odour print, helping the mother in some species to recognize their newborns!
• Modulator pheromones: These are pheromones that can change or sync bodily functions and are usually found in sweat.

So to sum it up, pheromones do exist in nature and their presence in humans has been supported by numerous theories over the years! While the underlying science on which the effects are based on is still being researched, the results cannot be argued with! SKORE Pheromone Activating Spray uses these agents to improve your chances to SKORE. We highly recommend trying it out.