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7 Smooth Tips to Help Your Flirting Game


Flirting is one arena that constantly witnesses both ends of the spectrum. While some are born with a natural penchant for it, some struggle to strike comfortable conversations with the opposite sex, especially strangers!

Whatever the case, in the end, flirting is all about communicating your desires in a charming, subtle, and intriguing manner.

If you have been struggling in your game, here are some tips to help you make your case. All aboard!

1. Make the First Move

If confidence is key to some good flirting, then it only makes sense to come across as a strong personality by making the first move. Simply walk up to the person (without being awkwardly close) and introduce yourself with enthusiasm. If fear holds you back from doing so, realize that failure is better than a missed opportunity!

2. Put Up a Friendly Smile

You can even put your smile to good use while testing the playfield, especially at a party! This part is very simple. While introducing yourself, while trying to move or even when listening, eye contact and a friendly smile is half of the job done. Just remember, there is a fine line between friendly and creepy. Make sure you know the difference before going ahead.

3. Be Captivating With Compliments

Pair the art of complimenting with the element of surprise and voila! You have a routine that works like a charm. A unique compliment about the way he/she walks or dresses can set you apart within seconds!

4. Figure Out Your Line

Everyone has a line or two (or a thousand if it's Barney Stinson) that works as an opener for them. Figure out the one that matches your personality, keep it something meaningful, and deliver it with complete confidence. In a room (or party) that is full of people, this will instantly make your stand apart, especially for people who are tired of being constantly hit on!

5. Have Props

A good prop can be anything that works as a natural conversation starter. It can be a cool t-shirt with a funny quote, a funky hat, or even your pet! A good prop will help initiative a conversation. For all you know, she may be interested in Star Wars or Game Of Thrones too. All you have to do is return their comment with something spontaneous.

6. Learn to Listen

A big shout out to all the men out there! Flirting can sometimes be as easy as listening and delivering witty and charming replies that compliment the person! Show genuine interest in people, ask them follow-up questions and listen attentively. Something as simple as this can instantly make you stand out!

7. Be Humorous

Humor allows you to test boundaries that may not be otherwise explored. Use suggestive humor that tickles the funny bone and is far from creepy! Keep it mild and naughty, make him/her feel that they are having a good time, and you might end up having a really good one yourself!

Hope this helps. Now go out and make that special connection.

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