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Dotted Condoms: Add A Fun New Dimension To Your Sex Life With These!


When you introduce a dotted condom to your love life, it makes your sessions between the sheets a lot more fun and exciting. Experimenting with your lovemaking can be a new adventure and these condoms are a great way to do so.

There are so many different variants of condoms available and this is the type that can increase pleasure for both partners.

What is it?

Dotted condoms are nothing but plain condoms that come with a rough-textured surface. The different texture is a pleasure enhancer and can be a total game-changer in the bedroom.

The dots on the condom cause a rhythmic and pleasant turbulent motion through the patterns. It makes sensual exploration happen, which enhances sexual pleasure.

Types Of Dotted Condoms

Dotted condoms have some variants available and you can choose one according to your personal preferences.

  • Regular Dotted Condoms: These are condoms that are dotted for pleasure.
  • Extra Dotted Condoms: As the name suggests, these are condoms from Skore, that have extra dots on them and are great for producing more rhythmic vibrations.

Such condoms are very popular in India where people are constantly looking for newer fun products to be used for sexual pleasure. Apart from flavoured condoms, the dotted variety takes the cake for people looking to add more fun in the bedroom.

Why Use Dotted Condoms?

Sex is about pleasure for both partners. With the dotted variety, it is easy to bring about more of it in many ways:

  • Increased Satisfaction: When your partner is aroused, it is not only great for her, it is wonderful for you too. The dotted variety brings more pleasure to your partner and makes sex enjoyable for both of you.
  • Increases Intimacy: The dotted layer that is present on the surface enhances libido. This increases intimacy between partners.
  • More Experimentation: When partners are open to experimenting in the bedroom, something wonderful happens. More laughter and fun happens outside the bedroom as well! The dotted variety of condoms can make this happen.
  • Add Confidence To Lovemaking: It may seem that our sex life has reduced in quality and a great way to bring more confidence is to use extra dotted condoms. Your partner will be happy and you will gain more confidence in your sexual prowess.

Choosing Dotted Condoms

The right fit can make a world of difference to your lovemaking sessions. Pointers you must remember while buying the dotted variety are:

1.Reputation Matters

It is extremely important to choose a reputed brand for the condom you buy. Skore Condoms is manufactured by TTK Healthcare, which is the pioneer of the Sexual Wellness & Pleasure industry, having been in the business in India since the 1950s. The assurance of top-notch quality, world class raw materials, and hi-tech testing comes with condoms that come from reputed manufacturers.


The dotted varieties are also available in flavours. Choose from several flavours to make the most of your sex sessions.

Adding more experimentation and fun to your sex life has never been this easy. So go ahead and add some dots to your love life!

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