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Pleasure Points 101: Find Your Way in the Dark


Let’s begin with a newsflash. There are about 14 known erogenous zones in a woman's body and 8 in men (yes, we checked twice). The human body is a fascinating piece of art and we are nowhere close to knowing everything about it. While it may be easy to find these parts, getting them into overdrive is not an easy task. Here’s a close look at how you can go about some of these, apart from the obvious ones you already know:

1. Inner Thighs: Nothing surprising here, given that they reside on the way up to the genitals. A quick way to get anyone excited is to take your hand and run it down to their thigh, pretending that you are aiming for their genitals, but never reaching them!

2. Nose: Yes, we were surprised ourselves when we first got to know this. Apparently, your nose has the most nerve endings on your face, making it a kinky erogenous zone for both the sexes. The next time you are in bed, try gently touching or licking it (after making sure it's clean!).

3. Nipples: While this is an obvious pleasure point for women (duh!), playing the field well can even bring them to orgasms! Quick sidenote: gently caressing (or eating) this can also be the way to your man’s heart!

4. Soles and Toes: If you have ever wondered why this is a separate porn category, you aren’t alone. The idea is to softly take your woman’s toe into your mouth, or even pinch the sides of the big toe to induce an orgasm. For a man, try doing the same to the third toe and head one-third of the way down.

5. Back: Especially for women, fingers or gentle nails down their back can do wonders. The cluster of nerves here are a great source of pleasure and can even be triggered with an erotic massage.

6. Ears: If you haven’t experienced this yet, you are falling behind in your foreplay efforts. Next time, try grabbing your partner’s earlobe and pull down gently. You can even try throwing in a tongue here and there to spice things further.

7. Neck: The side and back of the neck are another exciting pleasure point for both men and women alike (and home to most of the hickies). You can use anything ranging from a series of erotic kisses to sensual massages to activate this region.

Now let’s give you an idea of how to combine these pleasure points for an unforgettable night. Picture yourself kissing your partner’s neck while you gently run your hand up and down his/her thigh. Or imagine being him/her on top of you, while you play with their nipple and caress their back at the same time.

You get the gist. It’s all about creativity and patience from this point on!