Scoring is now tingling, cooling and minty with Skore Cool.

The icy new condom comes with a special Cooling lubricant which is coated on both sides of the condom to give a Tingling Sensation to both of you. The condom is Mint Flavored and exudes a fresh Mint Fragrance which acts as a Mood enhancer. It also has a Natural Climax delay* that is sure to excite both of you. To add to the excitement, the icy cool condom comes with a Dotted Texture for heightened pleasure.

Mint Flavoured
Climax Delay*

*The cooling lubricant used in Skore Cool acts as an Natural ingredient to delay the climax because of the cooling effect. A study done by GFK Mode on 240 respondents resulted in 96% of the users experiencing the climax delay.

Isn’t Cooling Sensation bad for your Erection?

No, It is not. Skore Cool condom comes with a special cooling lubricant which will provide an unique Cooling sensation for both the partners. The Cooling Lubricant added in the condom is kept at an acceptable level to add excitement and make love making more fun and intimate. Skore Cool Condom has been tested with Consumers and all those used had no problem of erection. Infact, they have liked it and enjoyed the cooling sensation.

Is Skore Cool a Seasonal Product?

No, Not all. The Cooling lubricant used in the Cool Condom gives out an unique tingling sensation for extra pleasure and excitement which can be used for all seasons. Moreover, Skore Cool is Dotted, Mint Flavoured, Coloured and also delays Climax because of the Cooling Lubricant.

How does Skore Cool Delay the Climax?

The Cooling Lubricant used in Skore Cool helps delays the climax to a certain extent. This delayed climax is completely natural and no additional ingredient is added to it. Moreover, we have done research with the cool condom on consumers and 96% of them have experienced climax delay and they like it very much.

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