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Dumb ways to hide condoms


Behind the painting

In the piggy bank

Behind the flush

Inside your shoes

In the fridge

It's time to get smart.

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There are certain flavoured, dotted secrets that are strictly yours. You know what we are talking about: the ones that come in packs of ten; the ones that invoke sensual moans; the ones that start a fire and keep it burning long and strong. Keep those secrets hidden from uninvited eyes.

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Learn to hide with The Book

Skore presents 'The Book'. It looks like a book; feels and reads like one, too, but it isn't one. Instead, it is a smart case for Skore condoms. Turn the page and you will be thrilled to find a secret place in which are kept a range of Skore condom packs. Start scoring right away.
Contents: One 10's pack each of Chocolate, Orange, Strawberry and Banana flavoured condoms.

Get Smart


  • What is The Book?
    It is a hidden condom packaging that lets you hide your condoms in it away from sneaky, suspecting eyes. A book is the last place they'd expect to find your naughty secrets.
    We are smart like that…
  • How is The Book different from other books?
    The Book is very, very different. It's not academic. It's functional.
  • What are the contents of The Book?
    The Book comes with Skore's finest collection: four packs of ten flavoured condoms each – Strawberry, Orange, Banana and Chocolate.
    It's almost like a cookbook…for dessert.
  • Can the contents of The Book be customized?
    Unfortunately, it can't be customized. But like we said, the contents are Skore's finest. Satisfaction is certainly guaranteed.
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Have you ever hidden condoms in a dumb way?
Ever got busted?